Informational video

Family relationships sustain us

A conversation with members of the Saskatchewan Long Term Care Network about the importance of family members in Long Term Care.

mySupport Study

This video explores the mySupport study which brings together an international team of healthcare researchers and clinicians to support healthcare staff to have end-of-life care discussions with family carers of people living with advanced dementia.

What to expect at the end of life?

As a loved approaches their final days, it can be difficult to know what to expect. This video explores what family and staff can expect for their loved one at the end of life.

A palliative approach in late stage dementia

This video explores why a palliative approach to care is particularly important for people with late stage dementia. Strengthening a palliative approach in long-term care, known as SPA-LTC, is about making sure that people with life-limiting illnesses have more opportunities to experience a high quality of life from the moment they enter long-term care to the day of their death.

Pandemic #9: Mend the World

Dr. Tamara Sussman contributes to this moving podcast about life in Quebec Long-Term Care during the COVID-19 pandemic lock-down.

After a stroke left him locked in his own body, Rabbi Ronnie Cahana has found ways to lead an incredibly full life. Then the pandemic came. It swept through Quebec, leaving a trail of devastation. Today, Rabbi Cahana is one of the thousands of Quebeckers left stranded in the middle of one of the worst disasters in modern Canadian history.

Navigating Stress & Loss as a Caregiver

Dr. Tamara Sussman explores “Navigating Stress and Loss when Caring for a Loved one with Dementia” with Claire Webster from McGill Cares. A 38 minute youtube video

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