Strong relationships between residents, families, and the healthcare team are at the heart of a palliative approach to care.

In a palliative approach to care, you are part of your family member’s healthcare team, bringing expertise from their lived experience. This approach embraces and supports your family member – and you. The ultimate goal is to promote a good quality of life for your family member throughout all stages of their illness, and to make sure you feel well-supported, too. We understand that your family member is unique and that it is only by building a relationship with them and with you that we can understand what brings them quality of life.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the voices of family caregivers have been clear and compelling. Families play vital roles in supporting whole-person care, by promoting quality of life, relationship, mental health, nutrition, and physical health and safety. As long-term care communities recover from the experience of the pandemic, there is much to gain by strengthening family caregiver participation in the long-term care community. 


As those we love transition to palliative care, communication between individuals, family members and health practitioners is vital.

SPA-LTC offers resources to strengthen communication to ensure the patient feels heard and cared for.

strengthening knowledge

When your loved one is diagnosed with a life-ending or life-limiting illness, knowing what to expect can be a big help.

SPA-LTC offers resources that outline the typical trajectories for a number of illnesses, ranging from Alzheimer’s to heart failure. Look for our illness trajectory resources.

Strength in loss

Grief and feelings of sadness are normal when a loved one has died or is dying. You may even begin to grieve earlier, knowing that things are changing. Grief has a way of impacting many areas of your life.

SPA-LTC offers resources to help you work through your grief without having to compound your suffering.

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