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Comfort Care Rounds French

Raison d’être de cette ressource : accroître l’assurance et les connaissances du personnel qui prend soin des résidants qui vivent et meurent dans des établissements de soins de longue durée.

Comfort Care Rounds

Purpose of this resource: To increase the confidence and knowledge of staff caring for residents who are living and dying in Long-term Care.

Question Prompt List French

Après avoir examiné le Guide de soins de confort, vous aurez peut-être des questions à poser lors de la Conférence pour les proches aidants qui suivra. Cochez les questions ci-dessous que vous souhaiteriez poser et n’hésitez pas à noter vos propres questions dans le Questionnaire du proche aidant principal ci-inclus avant la conférence.

Question Prompt List

The QPL is a list of questions designed to help the family carer in asking questions which may help them understand the process better. The QPL is a list of commonly asked questions that the family carers may wish to ask the internal facilitator during the FCC. This list is designed as a guide only and some questions may not be specific to all family carers, however it may be used as a guide of conversation for the family carer to ask questions that may not otherwise have crossed their minds, or in some cases may not be required at all. It is a companion to the Comfort Care Booklet.

Heart work: A thematic analysis of compassion in long-term care

This research brief explores perceptions about compassion when delivering palliative care from the perspective of residents, family members, and healthcare providers in LTC. It identifies potential facilitators and barriers associated with providing compassionate care to residences in Canadian LTC settings.

Meaningful connections in dementia end of life care in long term care homes

The purpose of this study is to examine and compare family and staff perspectives on end-of life (EOL) care for people with dementia, as well as their family caregivers, who live in long-term care (LTC) homes. This study explored how EOL care is currently being provided to those with dementia, what facilitates the provision of care, and what challenges are experienced by staff and family caregivers.

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